Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DIY Paramore Renegade Shirt

Here's another DIY project specially to those PARAMORE FANS \m/

I was inspired to do this shirt right after I watched Paramore's concert here in the Philippines (Thrilla in Manila 2). I love Hayley Williams and everyone. I love their songs, fashion and etc. I love how Hayley doodles or customize her shirt during their concerts. Yeah, I love HAYLEEEY *U* Insert fan-girl face here [*u*]

To start, here's the materials needed:

Step 1: Stencil your logo to the white folder. Then cut it out. For the renegade logo, download it here: Renegade Logo *PS: I don't own the logo. I just got it from Google. Just a way to help you out*

Step 2: Place it on the shirt. I placed it in the middle. Stick it with the tape, make sure it won't move and check if there are areas that aren't flat and the stencil should be intact so the paint won't enter the back side of the stencil (LOL. WTF am I saying? Just secure the stencil!) Insert the card board so the paint won't stain the back part of the shirt.

Step 3: Painting time. Paint around the stencil and also the middle. I painted it with my own style. LOL (I feel like an artist or something HAHAHAHA) Just create something from your own artistic side and don't forget to enjoy.

Poor lightning sucks. Sorry T^T \/

Step 4: Dry the paint. TIP: You can use your electric fan / hair dryer in this process if you want faster drying, but if not, just let it dry down. 

Last step: Remove the stencil carefully. And also the illustration board. READY TO WEAR! :) Just make sure you iron it first. The paint will stick longer if you iron it before wearing and washing it.

END OF DIY PROJECT :) Please post your photos and comments about the D-I-Y <3